In die of wants, I described.
I need bread, I take not.
it wasn’t, I was not hungry.
But the issue at hand.
Is that, I have been luke wormed.
A die end, I didn’t credit.
A surplus memo of Mother Earth.
The hawk of the skies, a military ground.
The suffereth of souls, all within us.
But all of this, I remain not.
But they have borne the bear in us.
And our truth has become naked.
A half-truth almost a truth.
A half-truth now a complete pregnancy.
All of this, I stand not.
A distance throws from us.
For we have to eat the eat for the world to protect us.
Even when her children decide to half kill us.
I am among those or them.
I have been eaten inside out, but yet alive.
Because my death in living is necessary.
Better still, know that not all death leads to death.

My death was my life.
So was yours.
And my truth was in me.
And yours, you know better.
Indeed, this is a half-complete pregnancy.

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