A Heartfelt Tale of Morning Mass, Birthdays, and the Beauty of Faith.

A Heartfelt Tale of Morning Mass, Birthdays, and the Beauty of Faith.

A Heartfelt Tale of Morning Mass, Birthdays, and the Beauty of Faith. In the quiet town of Uyo, where the sun peeks over the horizon, I embarked on a soul-stirring journey. A journey back to the sacred embrace of Morning Mass, a spiritual haven I had drifted away from in the early months of this year.

On Wednesday morning, a subtle urge tugged at my heartstrings. I yearned to begin my day with a connection to the divine, a simple act that might illuminate the path ahead. So, I ventured to St. Peter’s Parish, Uniuyo, where the faithful gather at the serene hour of 6 a.m.

This particular Wednesday was special; it was the 27th of September, the Feast of Saint Vincent de Paul. It was also the Chief Sacristan’s birthday, a day of double celebration. Just the day before, I had celebrated my beloved sister’s birthday with a heartfelt poem that spoke of beauty and love.

“Beauty; They said is concrete. Beauty; They said is abstract.
To me; Beauty is abstract.
For I disagree with other definitions.
Today rebirths a soul.
An existence from beauty.
In all of these beauties.
Yours outshines today.
Happy Birthday, Big Sis.
Happy Birthday, my third mum.
Big Bobo loves you.”

I must confess, my preferred way of expressing love is through poetry. It is the language of my heart, my sanctuary of emotions. But shhh, that is a secret I have just entrusted to you, dear readers.

After sharing my last heartfelt piece on Monday, titled “Discovering The Beauty Of The Underworld: Is Love Worth The Ultimate Sacrifice?” I found myself once again drawn into the realm of emotions. This time, it was the celebration of my sister’s birthday and the stirring homily of Fr. Godfrey Ukpabio.

Fr. Godfrey’s words resonated deep within me. He spoke of Saint Vincent de Paul’s early life, a life dedicated to caring for the poor and needy. His homily distilled into three powerful messages:

First, some of those people who are poor and in need are the most wasteful. Second, it was not nature that made you poor, rather it was nurture. And third, Christianity is not a religion of Poverty.

As I left the Morning Mass that Wednesday, my heart was lighter, and my spirit rekindled. I had reconnected with my faith, with God, and with a message of compassion. I made a promise to myself, a resolution born of newfound inspiration. I would attend Morning Mass, not daily perhaps, but at least three times a week.

In the stillness of Uniuyo’s early mornings, I found solace, inspiration, and a renewed connection to my faith. This journey, marked by birthdays, poems, and profound messages, was a reminder that sometimes, the simplest acts can reignite the flame of our souls. In the embrace of Morning Mass, I discovered the beauty of faith anew.

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