A Miraculous Morning: An Unexpected Encounter.

A Miraculous Morning: An Unexpected Encounter.

A Miraculous Morning: An Unexpected Encounter. As time passed, my zeal for Morning Mass rekindled. However, Thursday, the 5th of October was a day to behold, and to truly understand its significance, I urge you to read my previous post titled, A Spiritual Awakening: Embracing Forgiveness and Faith.

On Thursday, the 5th of October, which was just four days ago, something truly miraculous happened during my visit to Morning Mass. Normally, we do have around 10 to 12 parishioners before the Mass starts, but that day, only three of us, including the Lay reader, braved the rain-soaked morning.

The rainfall, though not heavy, seemed to deter others from joining us. It became a dilemma for the Chief Celebrant, Fr. Godfrey Ukpabio, who even joined the responding unit due to the low turnout.

After the Mass, my mind buzzed with thoughts. I know you, my dear readers, would want to share in those thoughts, and I will gladly oblige. But before I do, let me take you on a journey through the pages of my life.

Now, I know some might consider me overly spiritual, but that’s not the case. The reason I began with my divorce story and my nights of revelry was to showcase how far I have come on my spiritual journey, thanks to a divine intervention that led me back to my Heavenly Father.

Returning to my thoughts, I started to feel the profound pain that priests endure. Waking up early to celebrate Morning Mass, even on cold, inviting mornings meant for slumber. They deny their bodies the comfort of rest to fulfill their divine calling. Sometimes, the congregation is just one or two souls, yet they faithfully perform the Mass.

Now, you have glimpsed into my thoughts, which were not confined to the spiritual realm but spanned the vastness of the universe.

As I walked home, lost in contemplation, I was startled by a voice calling my name, “Paul.” I turned to see who it was and was taken aback by the unexpected presence.

My dear readers, I invite you to anticipate my next write-up, where I will reveal the identity of the mysterious caller from behind.

I am Paul, your fictional character, a mere vessel in the hands of Cyrinmike, awaiting your thoughts and comments in the section below.

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  • I’m intrigued by Mr. Paul. I can’t wait to read about his next tale.

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