I have been sitting all day thinking of what to write to you my readers when I remembered that I haven’t told you my yesterday’s experience at the Church.

I think it is worth telling. I woke up at 6 am to prepare for Mass. I was contemplating whether to go or not because I didn’t have offertory money. Then I remembered that it was a sin if I didn’t attend Mass.

So, I entered the kitchen and prepared breakfast of Eba and egusi soup. To surprise you, I didn’t prepare any breakfast, I only stirred my soup on the gas cooker and I made garri.

After eating, I went to take my bath, wore one of my finest clothes, and then headed for Mass.

Because I didn’t have offertory money, I have to visit another parish, so that shame won’t kill me. But everything started turning around, when I discovered that the Mass would be celebrated in the Ibibio language, still I didn’t care.

To tell you the simple truth, I didn’t understand anything being said at Mass. To worsen the whole situation, when it got to offertory time, everyone stood up, even the man sitting close to me who once told him, that he didn’t have offertory money stood up.

My dear readers, I had to bury my head in shame. You could see what this money issue has caused us, especially me.

But I was kind of relieved when I discovered that I wasn’t the only one sitting, after all, a young girl was sitting down at my back.

Anyways, after the Mass, I hurried home to eat my remaining Eba and egusi soup, because I was already famished.

In all, we thank God for life.

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