I have been married to my husband for three years now. My husband and I lived like one family. Everything was going well, but that does not mean that we don’t quarrel. We do because no one is perfect or above mistakes.

Three months ago, I started observing that my husband always gets irritated with every little thing that I do, he would shout and shout and most of the time threatens to slap me.

I think it is because I haven’t given birth. But am I God that produces babies? The one that made Musa visit the Mountain instead of Mohammed, was when he touched the lion’s tail by slapping me. I was so insane that I slapped him back and he gave me the beating of my life, which nearly took me to my early grave.

In the hospital bed, I remembered everything he promised me at the Holy altar of God. Before our wedding, he told me, he would never raise his hands on me, no matter the circumstances.

He said, “Never ooo..!” Never was what he said, if you do not know the meaning of “Never”, you can check your dictionary. Sorry to be rude, if I was.

When my parents came to the hospital and saw my predicament, they sent soldiers to beat my husband up, which landed him in the hospital.

After our treatment, he refunded my bride price, saying that he doesn’t want to marry again.

Was it my fault, that he beat me up, and my parents also sent soldiers to do the same to him?

I think, why he did that, was because it is a few days to Christmas and he is trying to dodge his responsibilities.

I know, I have written late to you, because Christmas has long passed, and up till now he hasn’t shown up.

My readers, please what do you think, I should do?

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