A story was told.
The two abided in one.
The beauty that speaks of love.
Two mothers of unequal paradise.
Happiness was built in there.
My success taught me well.
The successes behind thy beauties.
Even when the pepper of life cometh.
You are behind thee.
My love of all earthly beauties.
My love of all the beauties.
It is you, that I greet.
Let our stories touch thy cause.
A gift you cherish so much.
But I cherish that more.
If only, it was counted,
it would have been seen clearly.
So that, there wouldn’t be lust for beauty’s sake.

Mother, I know you love me.
For thy existence, existed even before thy existence.
A creature is so unique from the rest.
For the Artist made thee well.
Thy beauty originated I.
It was not an agreement with the Maker.
But I thank the Creator for making me a part of thee.
Thy blessings and favours, I begot.
May you live long.
The lioness of the household.
I am ever under thee.
For you are the root that supports the iroko tree.
Always that I have you in mind.
I remain my humble self.

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