In recent days, the Nigerian music industry has been rocked by the explosive controversy surrounding famous singer Davido and his signee, Logos Olori. The release of Logos Olori’s music video titled “Jaye Lo” has ignited a heated debate, leading to alleged bans on Davido’s music in Kano and Sokoto States. The video featured scenes that depicted Logos Olori near a mosque, with men in white Jalabiya observing prayers before breaking into dance and reciting Quranic verses. This contentious portrayal has triggered a massive outcry, with various social media influencers and public figures weighing in on the matter.

The Ban Controversy:

According to a prominent Northern Nigerian social media influencer, Waspapping, Kano and Sokoto States have purportedly banned Davido’s music as a result of the music video’s content. Furthermore, billboards featuring Davido have been reportedly vandalized in these regions. A viral video showing a Fulani man tearing down posters and banners of the singer in a mall added fuel to the already simmering fire.

Wole Soyinka’s Advice:

Amid the uproar, renowned Nigerian playwright and Nobel laureate, Wole Soyinka, has been drawn into the discussion. Reports circulated online claiming that Soyinka advised Davido not to apologize, asserting that dancing in front of the mosque was not intentionally provocative.

National Outcry and Debates:

Since the controversy surfaced on July 22, 2023, there has been a widespread national outcry, with many individuals and communities lambasting Davido for what they perceive as disrespect towards Islamic beliefs and practices. The situation has led to passionate debates across various platforms, with people sharing their opinions on cultural sensitivity, artistic expression, and religious boundaries.

The Blog Post’s Purpose:

The purpose of this blog post is not to take sides in the controversy but to shed light on the multifaceted issues arising from the clash between artistic freedom and religious reverence. It is essential to encourage open dialogues and respect differing viewpoints while understanding the significance of preserving cultural and religious values. As the situation continues to evolve, it remains crucial for artists, influencers, and the public to engage in constructive discussions, promoting mutual understanding and harmony in a diverse society.


The recent ban on Davido’s music in Kano and Sokoto States has sparked a nationwide conversation on the delicate balance between artistic expression and religious sensitivities. As the nation grapples with this contentious issue, it is vital for everyone involved to approach the discussions with empathy and openness, fostering an atmosphere of understanding and unity. Only through thoughtful dialogues can we hope to bridge the gap and uphold the principles of cultural respect and religious tolerance in our society.

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