When married men complain about their pregnant wives, I feel pity for them, not knowing that I would experience something like that.

During the interval, my girlfriend came to stay with me, she started having her Menstrual cycle. It looks as if she knew, so she asked me to get her a pack of pads, at the nearest shopping centre.

Her menstrual flow started that evening, which came with the rain, she was on the bed lying down, while I was on the reading deck, preparing for the next day’s lectures.

Before I could understand what was happening, she came to the reading deck and asked me to come and cuddle her on the bed, because of the cold. So I told her I would on the bed in twenty minutes, and I did.

I didn’t know she was planning me, or will I say, that is how most women in their menstrual cycle behave. My beloved girlfriend, Betty, told me that she is yearning for Shawarma. So, I told her that the rain is still falling, and she ignored me.

When the rain had reduced to some extent, she kept on disturbing me, that was when I knew, she was serious, so I picked up my wallet and an umbrella, entered the rain and went in search of shawarma.

Unfortunately enough, I saw where I could purchase some, I bought two, to give her one, and eat the other.

On getting home, she took the nylon bag from my hands before I could say anything. When she saw that I bought two, she was happy, and then I notified her that I bought one for myself, she started crying, that she wanted the two, so I gave her the two shawarma with the hope that she would ask me to taste a little.

My dear readers, Betty didn’t, she ate all of it, and thanked me, so I have to prepare noodles and egg, which I ate. As I was eating, she begged me that she wanted to taste my meal, I responded, “NO”.
When she asked me why, I informed her that when she ate her shawarma, she didn’t give me to taste, so why will I give her mine?

She started complaining that I am wicked, and even despite her condition, I am still not treating her well. And I have to reminisce her that she is on her menstrual flow and not pregnant.

Betty didn’t stop complaining, so for the food to permeate my body well, I have to give her to taste, and her thank you was, “Did you expire, now that I have tasted your meal”. I was angry, but I have to swallow it before she would say that I am proud.

My dear readers and fans, I want to hear know your experiences before you got married to your wives or after you married them.

I remain Cyrinmike, your favourite writer.

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