I would have been much better if I had gone home. I remain, Paul, your favourite fictional character.

When I was still a student at the University of Port Harcourt, I fell ill, to the extent of, I started losing my appetite for food. I was taking drugs, my dear readers, please don’t judge me ooo…! I was taking my drugs.

When my mum had of, my ill health, she had to ask me to come back home, despite my dad’s warning not to step my feet in the house.

For the first time, I have to disobey his orders, on getting home, I was expecting him to do his usual routine, which involves shouting, insulting and most of the time, slapping. But he didn’t do it, instead, he happily welcomed me home, and would always want me to be at his side. Was it because I am now in the university or because I am ill? Even at that, I still don’t know the reason behind his change of behaviour.

On the other hand, I can’t tell if it was hunger or illness, that I was suffering from, because my mum welcomed me home with thick Ogbono soup endowed with big chicken and Cassava meal, also known as Akpu or Fufu.

I thought, I wouldn’t have the appetite to eat such food, but I didn’t know how my appetite rose and took over my illness. My dear readers, I ate this meal well, and I started doubting myself if I was ill.

Nevertheless, during that period I stayed at home to treat myself, I ate good food, and the reason I am specifying the goodness of the food is that not all food that you eat is good.

Within a week, I have become stronger and stronger and was willing to embark on my journey, back to school.

My experience at home was a lovely one, for there was nothing like home.

Writing from the creativity of Cyrinmike, I remain nay.

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