I have a wonderful story to tell you, and I know you would love to hear it. If you love my stories or you think, I have made some errors in crafting this beautiful piece, or the ones before this one, I am about to write, please Indicate in the comment section. Moreover, I remain Paul.

Yesterday, I went to the inaugural lecture of an Associate Professor, Dr Ofonime Inyang, and he spoke on New Paradigms, Structures, and Nexuses of Theatre, Media and Development Communication.

He has been one of those Lecturers that has made me who I am today. He has mentored me via lectures, talks, and personal discussions and has given me assignments, that have made me think beyond my brain box.

When he started his lecture, I thought, I knew something, but after the lectures, I discovered I knew nothing, for my brain is as blank as the sky, despite being an undergraduate. This makes me remember a quote by Aristotle, which denotes; ” I am intelligent, because I know, I know nothing”. Some of the issues that were discovered were Online theatre, Digital performances, and strategies on how the theatre can conform to the demands of the digital world. Most importantly, the ability to move from words to images, so that Students can be able to understand.

He was the brain behind my research on Online theatre and Digital performances, but when I attended yesterday’s lectures, I discovered what I gave him, didn’t worth, an assignment or a research.

Here is the point I am about to make, for those of you, students, who think that your Lecturers are giving you assignments and research works just to exploit your knowledge. They are not, because your knowledge is not up to theirs, and the experiences they have gathered, I don’t think you have compiled them. So, the best you can do is to allow them to help you so that your educational career would be fruitful.

I am Cyrinmike, who has used Paul, as a fictional character to project a non-fictional situation, and I am good at what I do.

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