The way, this new naria note policy has been dealing with us is alarming. People have money in their bank accounts and yet they can’t see the food to eat.

Some are dying, while some are enjoying despite the money scarcity in the country.

I am here to tell you a story. This time a story that would tell you about the hardship in my country, Nigeria. I know that my country might not be the only country passing through this now, but I choose to speak.

Early this morning despite my ill health, I stormed out of the house looking for money, so that I can prepare breakfast and take my drugs.

The first place I headed to, was my bank, but the queue there was so long that I have to leave so that I wouldn’t faint. I also went further to two other banks, but the results didn’t change.

So, I have to look for a POS Merchant around the street, and fortunate enough, I saw one. I wanted to withdraw five thousand naria, but she said, she could only give me one thousand naria, so that the money could go around because there was already a big queue there.

Moreover, I was charged, two hundred naria for one thousand naria transaction. Immediately I ran to the market to purchase some items I would use in preparing soup, egusi soup to be precise.

On getting to the market, I managed my money so well, that I spend only eight hundred naria at the market. I already had my egusi, so I had to look for a shop, where I could grind it.

When I got home, I realized that I did not have a sachet of water, so I went to buy half bag of a sachet of water, and then I used the remaining change to buy pepper and onions.

After I finished preparing the soup, I made garri and ate to my fill. Then I took my drugs. It then dawned on me, that tomorrow was Sunday and I didn’t have money for tomorrow’s Church.

But that won’t stop me from going to Church tomorrow, because it is a sin if I don’t go.

Still thinking of what to do, when it gets to offertory time.

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