Nigerian Dancer Korra Obidi Reportedly Attacked in London

Nigerian Dancer Korra Obidi

Korra Obidi, a Nigerian dancer has recently experienced a terrifying and disturbing incident in Westminster, London. According to her Instagram post on Thursday, April 11. Korra was reportedly attacked by an unknown woman with a knife and acid. The assault took place while she was in the middle of a livestream. Additionally, this adds an even more chilling dimension to the harrowing event.

Call for Information

The social media influencer, Korra Obidi has taken a brave step by urging anyone with information about the attacker to come forward. She described the assailant as a black female, standing at 5 feet tall. She has requested that any relevant should be sent to her management team via email at This call for information demonstrates Korra’s determination to seek justice and hold the perpetrator accountable for their heinous actions.

Who is Korra Obidi?

Korra Obidi is a Nigerian-American dancer, model, actress, and singer who has gained popularity through her appearances on reality TV shows and her work in the entertainment industry. Her energetic dance performances have earned her a significant following on social media.

Is Korra Obidi married?

Korra Obidi was married to Justin Dean. He is a professional American chiropractor and fitness enthusiast. They have two daughters together whose names are Athena and June Dean. Korra often shares heartwarming moments with her family on her social media platforms, showcasing her love for her husband and daughter.

Is Korra Obidi divorced?

Korra Obidi was married to Justin Dean in December 2017, and they have two children together. However, the couple is currently divorced. Justin Dean announced the divorce in April, a few days after they welcomed their second daughter. Korra Obidi was also granted full custody of their children after the divorce was finalized.

Justin Dean’s Opinion

Additionally, the divorce between Korra Obidi and Justin Dean has been a subject of public attention. Justin Dean alleged that he chose to divorce Korra due to her verbal abuse towards their first child. He expressed his intention to fight for full custody of their children. This cites concerns about the impact of Korra’s behaviour on their daughters. Korra, on the other hand, has spoken about her struggles with the divorce, expressing her emotions and the challenges she has faced during this period.

Her Responses

Korra Obidi has also addressed the public’s judgment and criticism following the divorce announcement. Moreover, she has expressed her desire to share her side of the story but has asked for patience until she feels stronger to do so. Additionally, she has spoken about faking strength for the sake of her children and has emphasized the need for empathy and understanding during this difficult time.

How Old is Korra Obidi?

Korra Obidi was born on June 23, 1991, which makes her around 32 years old. She has achieved a lot at a relatively young age, and her career continues to flourish as she explores her talents in various creative fields.

Where is Korra Obidi From in Delta State?

Korra Obidi hails from Igbuzo (Ibusa) in Delta State, South-South Nigeria. She was born into a family of three sisters and a brother. Her mother is dead. Nevertheless, she was brought up in a deeply religious and conservative Igbo-Christian family that attended Deeper Christian Life Ministry. Despite her passion for dancing, she initially hid it from her parents while growing up. Korra Obidi has also been recognized for her dancing skills, receiving an AFRIMMA nomination for Best Dancer in 2017.

Korra Obidi’s Dance Style

Her dance reflects a fusion of various influences and cultural elements. However, as a passionate dancer with a deep connection to her African roots, she has skillfully incorporated these cultural elements into her performances. This creates a unique and captivating dance style.

  1. African Influence: Korra Obidi deeply roots her dance style in African culture. Nonetheless, she has earned recognition as a connoisseur in romantic African arts and entertainment. Her performances often showcase elements of traditional African dance. This includes rhythmic movements, expressive gestures, and vibrant energy. This connection to her African heritage is a central aspect of her dance style, reflecting her pride in her cultural identity.
  2. Belly Dance and Dancehall Fusion: In addition to her African influences, Korra Obidi has also embraced the art of belly dance. This infuses it with her unique flair. Her performances often feature elements of belly dance. Nonetheless, it is characterized by fluid movements, intricate isolations, and expressive storytelling. This fusion of belly dance with African influences creates a captivating and dynamic dance style that sets her apart as a performer.
  3. Versatility and Expression: Korra Obidi’s dance style is marked by its versatility and expressive nature. She skillfully navigates various dance genres, including dancehall, showcasing her ability to adapt to different rhythms and styles. Moreover, she effectively communicates stories and emotions through her movements, known for their emotive quality in her performances. This captivates her audiences with her expressive and dynamic dance style.
  4. Recognition and Awards: Korra Obidi’s exceptional talent and dedication to her craft have earned her recognition and accolades. However, this is within the dance community. Her nomination for the Best Dancer in Africa at the AFRIMMA Awards highlights the impact of her dance style. And also, the esteem in which the industry holds her.
Revelations from Korra Obidi

In her Instagram post, Korra Obidi revealed that she was being transported to the hospital in an ambulance following the vicious attack. She expressed her shock and dismay at the level of hate directed towards her. However, she emphasises how the physical assault has brought the issue to a critical point. This alarming incident has not only left Korra physically injured but has also served as a grave wake-up call for her and her followers.

The Impact of the Attack

This shocking attack on Korra Obidi has sent ripples of concern and outrage through her community of supporters and well-wishers. It has raised important questions about the safety of public figures and the potential dangers they face, even in seemingly secure environments. However, the use of both a knife and acid in the assault has intensified the gravity of the situation. This prompted a widespread conversation about the need for increased security and protection for individuals in the public eye.

The Path to Justice

In the wake of this disturbing incident, there is a collective hope for Korra’s swift recovery and a strong determination to bring the perpetrator to justice. The call for information from the public is an important step in the investigation, as it may lead to the identification and apprehension of the assailant. Additionally, this incident has sparked broader discussions about the prevalence of hate and violence, emphasizing the urgent need for unity and support in the face of such atrocities.

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