Early this morn.
I arise from thy slew.
Abating the thrust of time.
My soul is very willing for rising.
And my body was too weak to take the stance up.
But yet, my soul stood my being up.
Because in her, the virtue of nature stands.
A demigod born I.
A creative creature, work I.

In thy house, I venerate thee.
Knowing who you are from the beginning of time.
The time factor paves the way.
After dwelling in joy.
my soul became restless,
restless for beauty or nature, I do not know.
I might say beauty, and it may nay.
So, let’s keep the keep in keep, says I.
That the Universe might not be angered in an ill state.
Because if I dwell in her and me.
Then we are one body in one per me.

I need assurance of thy blessings.
For my weakness is too week to work me.

Nota bene: Any mistake you see in this poetic piece is made intentionally because I trying to convey some figures of speech which has been dominant for some time now.

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