Resilience: From Heartbreak to Hilarity.


Resilience: From Heartbreak to Hilarity. Ever since my wife left me, life had been a relentless storm of loneliness and heartache. But the deepest blow came with the passing of my beloved artist, Mohbad. It was as if the universe conspired to test my resilience.

On the fateful day of September 22, 2023, a glimmer of hope shone through the clouds of despair. Happiness, a vivacious girl I had met at a nightclub, decided to visit me. Little did I know, this encounter would take an unexpected turn and resilience.

After attending Reverend Leo Asuquo’s Priestly Ordination, I took Happiness out for a meal at the renowned “Chicken Republic.” I hoped this simple gesture would bring some joy back into my life. My intentions were pure, and my divorce case was still pending in court. But as for my resilience, I was not sure.

As we savoured our “Refilled Max” orders. Jollof rice for her and fried rice for me, a dating conversation took an unexpected twist. She asked, “Paul, can we date?” My heart leapt with joy as I agreed, only to discover her true meaning was quite different. Embarrassment engulfed me as she clarified that she meant installing a gate at my house, despite my resilience.

In the aftermath of that awkward exchange, a whirlwind of emotions overcame me. I could not help but feel a sense of disappointment, though I tried to hide it. The lady I had hoped to date seemed more interested in home security than romance and my resilience.

Our meal concluded, and Happiness graciously thanked me before departing, promising to check on me soon. Yet, as soon as I arrived home, I made a drastic decision. I blocked her number and deleted it from my phone. My wounded pride could not bear the thought of further misunderstandings.

Seeking solace in literature, I retired to my reading room and penned a poignant poem inspired by Elechi Amadi’s “The Concubine.” Titled “The Beauty Of The Underworld,” it explored the allure and consequences of beauty, echoing my misadventures.

As I concluded my literary endeavour, I contemplated the day’s events. Despite the comedic misunderstanding, it had been a day filled with human emotions, from hope to embarrassment to disappointment. It was a day that tested my resilience, reminding me that life’s twists and turns could lead to unexpected humour.

Now, on September 23, 2023, I reflect on the rollercoaster of emotions that defined my recent encounter with Happiness. Life may have thrown me curveballs, but it also gifted me with moments of levity and self-discovery. As I move forward, I anticipate new adventures and, undoubtedly, more stories to share.

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