I feel abnormal at the moment, and my soul won’t be at peace until I pour out my emotions.

My friends always call me the Iron that never gets broken, but what happened to me a few days ago, I might say, I am not that iron that never gets broken.

Listen to me my dear readers, as I tell you my predicament. I went to visit a friend as usual, but this time, it was at night.

After the visit, he escorted me to a distance, as I returned my journey home.
Right in front of my eyes, a tricycle stopped, and then two men from the back seat pushed a young lady down and started dragging her purse with her.

She was shouting thief…! thief…! But to my surprise, the tricycles that were coming from opposite directions started reversing back.

The lady manage to get hold of her bag, then they used a big stick to hit her she fell, but she managed to stand up, and as she ran, they chased her. And she was running toward my direction calling for help.

On my own, I was running back, because I was with a bag that contained my laptop I bought a few days ago.

After some time, when I turned back the men had disappeared. With what I saw, I didn’t have the courage again to follow that routine, so I changed my path.

But what surprised me most, was that, tricycles that were reversing back. When they would have been in the best place to help her.

My encounter that day made me have a fever that I don’t have to catch up with me.

Even at that, I give glory to God.

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