(A poetic synopsis of Efuru by Flora Nwapa)

The Festival was around the corner.
Festival of nature.
Counting awhile.
Love at first sight; This I can’t tell.
Her beauty was raw as a diamond.
That is for sure.
Her destiny; Written ahead of time.
A fate, she couldn’t tell.
No pounds or wit at hand.
Nature planned it all.
Purple and black together.
A no match.
A dowry within; A taboo in their tradition.
White radiating from her eyes.
Tears of joy.
Her beauty wasn’t the vessel that sustained her.
Rather, it was her inner beauty that did.
One and Ogonim; The irony behind her existence.
Ajanupu; The feminine, masculine deity.
Kolanut in the morning, kola nut in the evening.
Riches and wealth were abundant.
But her empty calabash has refused water.
Uhamiri; The beauty behind her beauty.
A dead joy of motherhood.
From blue to red; How come?
But still in the blue race.
Humans in vulture’s clothing.
Two have forsaken her.
A never-again togetherness.
Joy and sorrows have intermarried.
A journey to an unknown land has just begun.
And this time, only fate can tell the way.

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