The Hidden Secrets About the Chair Of Saint Peter

The Hidden Secrets About the Chair Of Saint Peter

Saint Peter, also known as Simon Peter, was one of the twelve apostles of Jesus Christ and a prominent figure in Christianity. He is often referred to as the “Prince of the Apostles” and the “Rock” upon which the Christian Church was built, according to the New Testament.

Peter’s legacy is significant in Christianity, as he is considered the first Pope by the Catholic Church and is venerated as a saint in various Christian denominations. His teachings, actions, and writings have profoundly influenced Christian theology and the development of the Church.

The Rainy Morning Mass at Saint Peter

Dear readers, it has been a while since I last connected with you. But I assure you, this series will captivate your imagination. Today, on the auspicious occasion of the Feast of the Chair of Saint Peter, I found myself drawn to the morning Mass.

Despite the relentless rain that poured from yesterday evening into the early hours of today, only a handful of devoted parishioners braved the weather to attend Morning Mass.

The Teachings of Fr. Francis Ubong and the Secrets of the Chairs

Let us explore the essence of the teachings imparted by Fr. Francis Ubong. He commenced his discourse by representing the significance of the three distinct chairs within the Catholic Church.

Firstly, there is the Royal Chair, the throne upon which King David once sat. Which symbolizes earthly authority. Then, there is the Priestly Chair, akin to the sacred seat of Eli. Which represents the spiritual leadership of priests. Lastly, we encounter the Magisterial Chair, symbolizing the authority entrusted to those who educate and uphold the faith.

Transposing the Analogy to the Sanctuary

Peter, the esteemed apostle, occupied each of these chairs. In the Royal Chair, he assumed the role of a sovereign. In the Priestly Chair, he served as a conduit between divinity and humanity. And in the Magisterial Chair, he disseminated the teachings of our faith.

To better comprehend this analogy, let us transpose it onto the sanctuary’s sacred space. Here, we encounter three principal seats: the Presidential Chair (or Presider’s Chair), the Pulpit, and the Altar.

Reflections on Mass Attendance

Just as a monarch presides over a realm from the Presidential Chair, so too does the Priest oversee the congregation. From the Pulpit or the Magisterial Chair, he imparts spiritual wisdom. And finally, at the Altar, or the Priestly Chair, he assumes the mantle of Christ Himself.

Attending Mass today filled me with profound gratitude. Had I succumbed to the temptation of sleep, I would have missed these invaluable teachings.

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