Alot has been happening this period, especially with the turnout of the old naria note.

I want to tell you a story that would woe you, or maybe make you smile or cause you pain. But I know it is a story.

Money is not my issue because I have them in abundance. I always feel big, because I eat and have anything that I want.

Is it fine girls? Name them.
Is it spending extravagantly?
Is it disrespecting people?

You can mention any of them, I do that.
But this old naria economy issue that started yesterday tamed my ego. That I have to even beg a little girl for money, which has never happened before.

I think, my story begins from here. Yesterday, I had ten thousand naria with me, all old notes, one thousand notes to be precise.

As the big boy wey I will be, I walked into a supermarket, with the ten thousand naria notes, after buying my goods which were worth nine thousand, five hundred naria. I went to the checkout counter to pay for them.

As I bought out my money, they said they are no longer taking old naria notes.
“No issues”, I said.

I bought out my ATM card to pay. After the cashier has slotted my card in her POS machine, I input my four digits, hoping that everything would be fine.

The worse happened when She told me that my transaction has been declined due to poor service. I also tried bank transfer. Same service issue.

I ran mad in my spirit and soul. But what made the madness increase, was when I told them that they should give me the goods and that I would pay them money the next day.

They refused despite the shopkeeper knowing me. My dear readers, that was the time, my nemesis started.

It was a hot afternoon, and I haven’t eaten since morning, what I had in my house was just two sachets of water.

I was demoralized. The big boy turns small boy.

Nevertheless, I have to go home to face my future on that day. My pride has already been trampled by the Shopkeeper.

I learnt a lot yesterday.

I remain your humble writer and please don’t forget to comment in the comment and also subscribe to get more updates.

Criticism is also accepted.

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