Having friends is not the issue, but is having those that won’t deny you when they feel that they are done with you.

I have a story for you, I know you would love to hear it.
I have a lovely female friend, we were fond of each other, we played together, danced together, eat together, and many others.

When I say dance, I do not mean the dance that you all know, I mean the other dance. This dance has been one of the bonds that have kept us in the faith.

This my friend, would always tell me about the need to have a girlfriend, but I would just laugh it over.

The problem started when she had a boyfriend, at first I was jealous but after some time, I waved it over, encouraging myself that my own would come soon.

Though we spend time together but not as before, this is because of her newly found lover.

Nevertheless, all these sweet pleasures of hers didn’t bother me, but what made me cry and feel pain, was what did to me a month later after she met her boyfriend or lover as the case may be.

I was on my own, remember I told you that I was on my own? She called me on phone to inquire about my whereabouts, and I told her I was at home. Then she told me, she was coming home.

I was happy because I thought, she wanted to spend quality time with me. Although when she came around, she told me that her boyfriend wanted to see me and that she has been telling him about me.

Mumu John, was happy, that I hugged her and placed a kiss on her left cheek. I dressed up and then she took me to a big restaurant waiting for her man. While I was waiting, she asked me to order some drinks, so that we can chill ourselves. Mumu me, not knowing what was happening, I ordered and paid for the drinks.

Not long after, her boyfriend stepped in, and she ran to her man and kissed him. I was smiling sheepishly, not knowing that, it was the beginning of my nemesis.

When they got to the table, her man asked her, who is this boy?

And she replied, ” He is my Coursemate.”
“Then why did you bring him here?”, he questioned.
“I didn’t, I met him here”, she replied.
Okay, baby, let’s go to another table so that he can have the space all to himself”.
“Okay Love”, she replied.

Then, they moved to another table, to enjoy themselves. I was so pained, even though she was my Coursemate, but we were more than that. What made me cry, was that she denied ever bringing me to the restaurant. John has never visited a restaurant before. And I even regretted ever greeting him, because he poured my greetings into the mud.

I didn’t stay there for long. If I do, my corpse would be taken to the mortuary because I would do things.

After that day, I had to stay on my own, and even when I narrated my ordeal to my friend, he laughed and mocked me.

My dear readers, it wasn’t a nice experience.

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