I am weak and famished.
My soul and body need their meal in due time.
Hunger has naked my inner beauty.
That I taste for her all day long.
I long for her captivating touch.
I want to dance around her.
Even when I know the wages.
I want her to lead me to the promised land.
I desire her a lot.
And only she, my soul yearns for.
My mouth is so weak to speak.
Yet, I long for that taste on my tongue.
For beauty has bathed me black and blue.
That my veins are all dried up.
This has nothing to do with Mother Nature.
Because she has placed everything in her due seasons.

The window of my heart is still open.
Awaiting your coming.
Remember, my soul and body belong to thee.
For they need their meals.
My stomach is in pain and tears,
weeping out her sorrows.
Looking for who to console her.
I await thee.
Because I know you would come by.
For when thy meal cometh.
She would stop weeping
because I long for her captivating touch.
Where we shall dine together.

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