I have been ill for some days now. That has been one of the reasons I haven’t blessed you with something forthcoming. But I am here now to tell you about my experience during my critical moment.

My name remains Paul. I am married, or let’s say, not legally confirmed, and I have this girl I met a few months ago.

From acquaintance to friend, and from friend to lover. She visits me almost every day, and on some occasions, spends the night at my place. Oh…! I haven’t told you what I do for a living. I am a Lecturer, a Graduate Assistant for that matter.

Anyways, since I took this lecturing job, a few months ago, I have been falling ill, it was that same period, I met Betty, the woman of my heart. I was ill till the extent that my friends started advising me to go for a test, that it may be a sign of HIV/AIDS. Not one, not two had told me countless times.

This talk of HIV/AIDS was much that I became afraid of it, which made me surface the web on the early signs of HIV/AIDS. From what I saw online, I was relieved. But on the other hand, I was adding weight, instead of getting slimmer.

And my second fear was my girlfriend, whom I met as a virgin because I didn’t want to infect her with any deadly disease.

The next day, I went for a test, and I told the laboratory Scientist to also include an HIV/AIDS test, just to be sure. And with the results, it was only Malaria, Typhoid, and lack of sleep.

I thanked my stars because I haven’t enjoyed anything on Earth, more or less, having numbered days on Earth. In subsequent episodes, I shall tell you about my newfound LOVE.

I am Cyrinmike, and I have been inspired by my fictional character, Paul to create this wonderful piece.

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  • This work of fiction made me tensed and excited at the same time. Glad Paul was okay at the end. Way to go Cyprian!

    • Glad, you found value in my stories.

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