One of the things, I haven’t posted for a long time, was because of crises; social, intellectual, religious, name them, they are uncountable. But today, I shall discuss religion. I know you might think that I am biased. No, I am not, in my understanding, I am trying to relate what is not supposed to be. Now my story begins.

My name remains Paul. Oh….! yes, Paul is my name, and a devout Christian at that, but most of the time, I do go clubbing. I won’t lie to you my readers so that when you see me tomorrow at the club, you won’t be quick to judge.

There is this roadside Pastor, sorry to say, Pastor, that keeps coming to my window side every morning to preach. It is not the preaching that is the problem, but it is the earlyness to his coming, that is my problem.

Why must he come to my window side to preach, whenever, a lady comes to sleep over at my house? I know, you can now, understand what I mean by “EARLYNESS”. He preaches thus, “Repent for the kingdom of God is coming”, after that phrase, he goes on to say his stereotyped words, “Those of you that carry women to their house to sleep with, repent, for the kingdom of God is at hand”.

Among all his words, it is the women part, I could remember, maybe it is because I do carry women. Nevertheless, I can’t say, but my readers can tell better.

When I got pissed off, was when this Pastor came to knock on my door, after his usual preaching. I thought it was a friend of mine, if I had known, that it was him, I wouldn’t have opened the door for him. So I opened the door and to my surprise, it was the pastor and two of his followers. There were men with muscles. I didn’t know that, they have been planning me, and that same morning, a lady was at my house.

He and his followers dragged me out, and he started preaching for me to repent. The most annoying statement was ” I must repent, neither the devil likes it or not”. My dear readers, you know Nigerian neighbours now, they started l
coming out due to his shouting, in disgrace and shame, I have to confess the sins that he accused me of.

Moreover, after that incident, I was out for revenge, looking for every means to take him down. But one day, an opportunity came.

This said day, I went clubbing at night, and to my surprise, I saw this Pastor drinking and smoking with two fresh ladies, one was touching his head, seductively. I was out for my revenge.

I went to his seat, to greet him, when he saw me, he started begging me, I refused ooo…! Even the girls were begging. I didn’t even bother.

I disgraced him, starting from his career as a Pastor. You can imagine, a Pastor coming for clubbing with girls. And I was happy, I did it to my satisfaction.

It was after the whole incident that it became done on me, that this Pastor comes to this club every time, that was the main reason he was able to know the girls I carry, and where I take them to.

Please, I need your opinion on this issue. What I accomplished, was it against humanity or God, and also be kind to share your reasons too.

I remain your favourite writer.

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  • This got me hooked up to read to the end.

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