It is not as if, I derive joy in attacking the Church, but I feel the Church has gone wrong in her teachings, or to be specific, some Churches.

They tend to teach spirituality or let’s say, assess one’s gift, such as speaking in tongues, the gift of prophecy, the gift of interpretation of visions, and so on, because I don’t think spirituality can be taught.

Show me a spiritual person and I would tell you his or her flaws, I am not trying to judge anyone. I no longer judge because nobody is perfect including me. They will always tell us to be holy, yet without teaching us how to be holy.

My issue is not with the teachings to improve these gifts, my concern is with the personality of such individuals. The Church tends to forget these aspects, and as such, pride has covered her eyes.

The Church should dive a little bit, to teach character and attitude formation. For me, I prefer to stay with a lady, with a good character that has respect for a man, then stay with a lady that can see visions, speak in tongues, and yet have a bad character, the same applies to men because nobody can eat spirituality and still dine with a bad attitude. Instead, they would prefer to dine with good characters and go to Church to consume spiritual food.

The Church has failed in that aspect and it should be taken care of. To surprise you, those people whom the Church condemns as sinners, I mean the harlots, are the ones with good characters, although not all of them.

Just as the famous philosophy would say; “The Church is a clubhouse for saints and a hospital for sinners”. But the reverse is the case, ” The Church is now a club for sinners and a hospital for saints”.

I make no judgement because even the writer is a sinner. After all, it is inevitable. Above all, the church should teach character formation or if possible, the family Church (The parents), should do that. Good morals pay more for spirituality.

I am not saying that spirituality is not good, but at least, it should be backed up with good characters, because the Bible also tells us so.

I would have kept on writing, but I chose to stop at this moment because a word is enough for the wise.

I remain your favourite writer.

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