Yul Edochie’s Cousin Speaks Out on Marital Crises

Yul Edochie's Cousin Speaks Out on Marital Crises

Yul Edochie’s cousin, Sheila, has recently addressed the ongoing marital crisis between him and his first wife, May. Yul had publicly criticized his ex-wife, accusing her of undergoing cosmetic procedures without his consent. In response, Sheila Edochie has come forward to share the family’s sentiments on the matter, urging the public to focus their criticisms solely on Yul and support May in her endeavours.

Yul Edochie’s Accusations Shake the Internet

Yul Edochie, a prominent figure in Nollywood, made serious allegations against his first wife, May on Instagram. Furthermore, he accused her of secretly undergoing breast enhancement and a tummy tuck without his knowledge or consent. These accusations sparked a wave of discussions and speculation across social media platforms.

Nevertheless, while distancing the family from the controversy, Sheila Edochie appealed to Nigerians to rally behind May Edochie and support her in building her brand. She urged netizens to repost May’s work, show appreciation for her talent, and offer prayers for her success.

Sheila Edochie Speaks on Behalf of the Family

Sheila, Yul Edochie’s cousin has now stepped in to address the situation on behalf of the entire Edochie family. Expressing their exhaustion with Yul’s actions, she urged the public to direct their criticisms towards him alone. Sheila emphasized that May and the rest of the Edochie family should not be involved in the online drama surrounding the couple’s marital issues.

Moreover, the ongoing marital discord between Yul Edochie and his first wife, May, has taken a new turn with Yul Edochie’s cousin, Sheila, speaking out on behalf of the family. However, Sheila’s comments highlight the family’s weariness with Yul’s actions and call for the public to focus their criticisms solely on him.

Additionally, she urges support for May, emphasizing the importance of promoting her work and offering prayers for her success. However, as the situation unfolds, the Edochie family hopes for a resolution that will bring peace and happiness to all parties involved.

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