Yul Edochie’s Ex-Wife May Faces Accusations and Backlash

Yul Edochie's Ex-Wife May Faces Accusations and Backlash

Yul Edochie’s Ex-Wife May, finds herself embroiled in a tumultuous divorce saga, between her and her husband. Accusations, counter-accusations, and shocking revelations have flooded social media platforms, leaving fans and followers stunned. In this article, we explore the latest updates and reactions surrounding the divorce proceedings.

Yul Edochie Stands Firm, Demands Bride Price Refund From ex-wife

Despite filing for divorce, Yul Edochie has refused to drop May’s name. He insists on the return of the bride price he paid during their marriage. However, May and her family have vehemently refused to comply, leaving Yul perplexed and frustrated.

Amid the divorce drama, Nancy Iheme, a close associate of Yul Edochie, urges him to sign the divorce papers and let May go. She emphasizes the importance of moving on and finding peace amidst the turmoil.

Sarah Martins Mocks Yul Edochie

Sarah Martins, formerly Judy Austin’s best friend, mocks Yul Edochie for his actions during the divorce proceedings. She describes his behaviour as toxic, highlighting the inability to let go while failing to treat May with respect and kindness.

Adding fuel to the fire, Sarah Martins also calls out Judy Austin, Yul’s second wife, and him for an alleged debt of N1,050,000. The controversy surrounding the couple continues to escalate, casting a shadow over their personal and professional lives.

Rita Edochie Defends May, Slams Yul

Veteran filmmaker Rita Edochie, Yul’s step-aunt, takes to social media to defend Yul Edochie’s Ex-Wife May against her husband accusations. She refutes Yul’s claim that May underwent breast surgery and accuses Judy Austin of manipulating Yul through African voodoo. Rita debunks the breast surgery allegations as baseless lies.

Nevertheless, the divorce saga between Yul Edochie and May has reached new heights of drama, with accusations, debts, and voodoo manipulation allegations coming to light. As the public eagerly watches the events unfold, it remains to be seen how this contentious divorce will be resolved. Stay tuned for further updates on this captivating story.

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