You Saved His Picture Just to Spew This Much Hate- Mummy Zee Curses a Lady

Mummy Zee

Mummy Zee is a popular Nigerian figure. However, she has found herself at the centre of an online firestorm after an X user criticized her husband. The drama quickly escalated, sparking a debate about feminism, jealousy, and online etiquette.

The Controversy Between Mummy Zee and Dr Funmilola Akinbami

The controversy began when Dr Funmilola Akinbami used her X handle to target Mummy Zee’s husband, saying, “So this Guy did absolutely nothing but is now living large just because his wife wakes up at 4 am to cook for him? A Pvssy”. Akinbami’s comment implied that her husband achieved nothing himself and enjoyed a comfortable life solely because of his wife’s early mornings spent cooking. The derogatory term used towards the husband further inflamed the situation.

She was upset by the remarks and responded with a strong curse directed at Akinbami. “This month of May will be very tough for you. You saved his picture just to spew this much hate, Madam this month will be very very hard for you”. Nevertheless, this prediction for the critic has invoked a sense of the supernatural in her retaliation.

An X User Categorizes the “Haters”

An X user took things a step further by creating categories of women they believed might be envious of Mummy Zee. Moreover, the list included feminists, misandrists, unmarried women over 30, and even lazy women. This sweeping generalization further intensified the online discourse.

The exchange between the two women sparked a heated debate online. Mummy Zee’s fans rallied behind her, condemning Akinbami’s criticism and praising the celebrity for her dedication to her family. They highlighted the effort required to wake up at 4 am to cook, suggesting that Akinbami’s remarks stemmed from jealousy.

The Issue: Is Success Breeding Resentment?

This incident raises questions about online behaviour and the pressures faced by celebrities. Mummy Zee, despite her achievements, is targeted by negativity. The question lingers: Is the criticism fueled by genuine concerns or simply resentment towards someone who has achieved success?

Furthermore, the online spat between Mummy Zee and Akinbami highlights the toxicity that can fester on social media. Respectful dialogue seems a distant prospect at this point. Hopefully, both parties and their supporters can find a way to de-escalate the situation and move forward.

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