50 Confirmed Dead, 120 Cars Burned in Rivers Tanker Explosion

The Rivers tanker explosion at Eleme Road

Rivers State tanker explosion at Eleme road on Friday night left a trail of destruction and claimed at least fifty lives. A collision between a tanker and another heavy-duty vehicle sparked the inferno. However, it engulfed over 120 vehicles and caused millions in damages.

Rivers State tanker explosion at Eleme Road

The incident, fueled by the dilapidated state of the road and the unfortunate collision, quickly spiralled into a horrifying scene. Videos circulating on social media depict a harrowing picture. Moreover, multiple vehicles were set ablaze, thick smoke billowing into the night sky, and the desperate cries of those caught in the inferno.

Accounts from those who witnessed the events vividly depict the scene of disorder. One witness describes being trapped between burning vehicles, barely escaping the flames with his life. Another laments the loss of millions in goods. Nevertheless, this includes trucks carrying cleared customs cargo and company staff buses.

Governor Visits Devastated Scene, Promises Support

In the aftermath of the tragedy, Rivers State Governor Siminalayi Fubara visited the scene on Saturday morning. The Governor, accompanied by law enforcement officials, surveyed the extensive damage and charred remains of vehicles. Nonetheless, he expressed his condolences to the families of the victims and pledged government support.

Governor Fubara also highlighted the deplorable condition of the Eleme section of the East-West Road, a long-standing concern for residents. While the federal government has initiated repairs, the slow pace of progress has drawn criticism. This accident serves as a stark reminder of the urgent need for proper road infrastructure.

Rivers State Community Mourns

The Eleme inferno has left the Rivers State community reeling. The loss of life, the devastation of property, and the lingering questions surrounding the delayed emergency response. This has added to the collective grief. However, as investigations continue, the focus remains on supporting the families of the victims. And also, ensuring such a tragedy never repeats itself.

This incident underscores the importance of road safety measures, improved infrastructure, and a swift emergency response system. The long-neglected Eleme section of the East-West Road demands immediate attention to prevent future tragedies.

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