How My Secret Lover Kissed Me in My Wife’s Presence?

The Phantom Kiss of a Secret Lover

A secret lover from a past life, resurfaces like a forgotten memory, threatening to shatter the carefully constructed world of my marriage. I, Cyrinmike your storyteller, would use Paul, to present to you a tale that transcends the ordinary.

As you step into my shoes, you are transported back to that fateful day, two weeks ago, when my world was forever changed.

From Forgotten Past to Shattered Present

Dear readers,

It has been far too long since we last connected, and for that, I apologize. But fret not, for I have returned with a thrilling tale that will surely captivate your imagination.

Allow me to take you back to that fateful day, two weeks ago, when my past secret lover resurfaced, threatening to unravel the very fabric of my present. This incident nearly tore apart the foundation of my marriage, shaking it to its core. And I assure you, my dear readers, this is no mere figment of my dreams; it unfolded in the realm of reality.

But before I explore the heart-wrenching details, let me remind you of my name: Paul. Yes, Paul, the man caught between the clutches of a love that was meant to remain a secret.

A Secret Lover Haunts Married Bliss

It all began on the 9th of December, 2023, a day etched in my memory. Perhaps you recall the alluring name I once shared with you, that of a girl I encountered in a nightclub, Happiness. The significance of her name would soon become apparent, as she was no ordinary acquaintance.

You see, Happiness was intertwined with my life long before I took my vows. She was one of my secret lovers, a part of my bachelor days that remained concealed, not just within the confines of my dreams. When I decided to embark on the journey of marriage, I confided in my beloved wife about these past liaisons, even showing her photographs of Happiness on my Facebook profile. Her reaction was one of admiration, acknowledging the beauty of this mysterious girl. Little did I know that this would sow the seeds of suspicion within her.

As time went on, my wife became increasingly sceptical of my phone calls and movements. Even when I found myself in a coma after a terrible accident, she attributed it to my supposed trysts with younger girlfriends. It was then that I realized the gravity of the foolish gossip I had shared with her, unaware of the misinterpretations it would breed.

Crossroads of Love and Betrayal

And so, on that eventful day at the Chicken Republic, my wife and I sought solace and tranquillity. Fate, however, had a different plan in store. Happiness appeared before us, a mere friend to my eyes, as I introduced her to my wife. But what transpired next shattered the delicate balance of our marriage. Happiness kissed me, uttering words of love and reminding me that if I ever needed her, she would be waiting.

At that moment, I knew my wife’s anger was palpable. Without uttering a single word, she made her way home, leaving me behind with a sinking realization that the die had been cast.

Returning to our humble abode, my wife confronted me about the nature of my relationship with Happiness. I assured her that she was merely a friend, but her accusations cut deep. She claimed I had been unfaithful, that my secret affairs with Happiness had persisted even after our marriage. Defiantly, I responded, “You can say anything you want.”

A Past Flame Ignites Suspicion

As expected, her anger escalated, and her voice echoed through our home. Seeking refuge from the chaos, I retreated to the living room, seeking solace in the embrace of movies.

Hours passed, and with the night still young, I returned to our bedroom. My wife lay there, seemingly asleep, but her eyes betrayed her wakefulness. Desperate for reconciliation, she reached out to me, yearning for closeness, but my fear held me back. And yet, the words she would utter the following day would leave an indelible mark on my soul, words born out of jealousy and pain. But those words shall remain our secret, dear readers, for the sanctity of our marriage is paramount.

It was through open dialogue and a willingness to confront our differences that we managed to mend our broken bond. Though my wife suggested seeking guidance from a marriage counsellor, I hesitated, claiming a lack of trust. However, her words resonated within me, and I couldn’t deny the truth they held.

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Yours faithfully,

Your favourite secret lover

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  • Wow, Paul’s wife is understanding. But why would Paul allow an ex to kiss him in the presence of his wife. I find that utterly disrespectful .

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