I might have told you about my beloved.
But this time.
I shall tell you of another.
Because in her, you knew her not.
She is my pride.
The pride of Barbados.
My touch of royalty, I call her.

In her, lies my existence.
My existence in the COMMON WORLD.
Without her, I wouldn’t have been birthed.
She is my all in all.
My first mother.
My mother who birthed my mother.
I knew her before I was birthed.

What a coincidence!
The greatest of the greatest, called I.
I knew her not, before my birth.
In her, lies my existence.
In her, my soul and body take refuge.

For, it was through her.
That the Supreme birthed I.
I wasn’t in the bargain.
Yet, I was part of the plan.
Even as at that.
I make no complaints.
Because, of thy fruits, I bear.
So that in their accomplishment of fate.
I would be a part of them and not of hate.

MY LOVE made it so.
In her, lies my existence.

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