Nigerian Cross-Dresser, Bobrisky Convicted for Naira Abuse

Nigerian Cross-Dresser, Bobrisky Convicted for Naira Abuse

Nigerian cross-dresser, Bobrisky, also known as Idris Okuneye, has been convicted by A Federal High Court in Lagos for the mutilation of Naira notes. The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) prosecuted the controversial figure for this offence. However, he pleaded guilty to the charges of naira abuse. This was after the EFCC filed six counts of money laundering and abuse of naira against him.

Arraignment and Plea of Nigerian Cross-Dresser, Bobrisky

Before the charge was read to the defendant, the EFCC’s prosecution counsel, Suleiman Suleiman, requested the court to strike out counts five and six (money laundering charges) and arraigned Bobrisky on counts one to four. Consequently, Justice Abimbola Awogboro struck out counts five and six, and Bobrisky pleaded guilty to the remaining charges.

Case Review and Witness Testimony

During the case, the EFCC’s investigating police officer, Mr Bolaji Temitope, presented evidence that included videos of Bobrisky mutilating Naira notes. Moreover, the witness also stated that Bobrisky admitted to the actions shown in the videos during the investigation.

Plea for Mercy

In a plea for mercy, Bobrisky, a social media influencer with five million followers, expressed regret for his actions. Additionally, he also requested a second chance to use his platform to educate his followers about the implications of spraying the Naira.
He expressed, “Honestly, I wasn’t aware of the law. My lord, I earnestly desire another opportunity to utilize my platform to educate my followers about the importance of respecting the Naira. I intend to create a video on my page to enlighten those, like myself, who were unaware of the implications of spraying the Naira. I regret my actions, my lord.” His defence attorney requested a sentence that does not involve imprisonment on his client’s behalf.

Conviction and Sentencing Reserved

Following his guilty plea, the trial judge, Justice Abimbola Awogboro, convicted Bobrisky and reserved the sentencing for April 9. The court ordered that he be remanded in EFCC custody until judgment is delivered.

Ultimately, the outcome of Bobrisky’s legal proceedings serves as a critical point of reflection for Nigerian society. Most importantly, its approach to gender expression, financial regulations, and the intersection of these issues in the digital age. It prompts a deeper examination of how the law and public perception interact with individuals who challenge established norms. However, it calls for a more nuanced understanding of the complexities involved in such cases.

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