I woke up, as usual, that morning, thinking that all is well, not knowing that something special await me toward the end of the day.

Although, after my morning chores in my hostel, I ate noodles with fried eggs for breakfast. After which, I went to school for my morning lectures. That day, I had lectures from 8 am to 12 noon.

After my second lecture which ended around 1:15 pm or so, instead of noon. Meanwhile, I saw the need to go to the library, but I was hungry, so I went to buy bread and groundnut with a sachet of water. After which, I ate and went to the library to read.

On getting there, I met my girlfriend and we read together, as I was leaving the library for the market, I remembered to carry my books and phone, but I forgot my wallet.

Nevertheless, when I got to the market, after buying from the first shop, I checked my bag to bring out my wallet, but I didn’t see it.

At first, I thought I didn’t check well. So I have to remove all my books from my bag, yet I didn’t see anything. That was when it was done to me that I forgot my wallet in the library.

I ran as my legs could carry me, on getting there, I didn’t see my wallet. At that moment, “na I know say, they don remove am”.

Moreover, I couldn’t cry, because I was so weak and frustrated. My money and my two ATM cards are gone. I have to rush to the bank, to block and apply for a new ATM card, but before I could get to the bank, I received an alert, that all my money has been cleared.

I saw pepper that day, so I have to go back home and manage what I had at home, which was to sieve garri. It was not until the next day, that I told my girlfriend what happened. After she laughed at me, she gave me thirty thousand naria to do my ATM cards and to get myself some foodstuff.

She was truly my saviour for that day.

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