Most of us tend to focus on spiritual prayer.
And forget about the physical prayer.
We tend to kneel to God in prayers.
Asking him for our needs.
And forgetting to work with our hands,
Which is the physical prayers.
I hope you are on the same page as me.

For we cry the cry of infants.
And also work as an infant.
Therefore, we behave like one of them.

For it is only when we cry the cry of an adult and work toward it.
That our success would be happy.
We might not necessarily cry the cry of an adult or an infant.
But at least, we ought to put the physical prayer to work.
Because even the Holy Bible tells us that faith without work is dead.
I may not know about the Quran.
But I know that it is also quoted there.
Even our traditional belief system also accepts that.
I am African-born.
I am a Nigerian born.
From that minority turn into the majority tribe.

I might have been born in Africa.
But I know that change ought to occur.
Because I am that change.
A change in poetry: The poetic prayer.
For the physical and poetic prayer has met.
So that the poetic truth might be revealed.
I remain your loyal poet.

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