Alleged Killing of Mr Etubi in Abia by Nigerian Army Personnel

Mr Etubi

Mr Etubi was the hotel manager who was reportedly tortured to death by soldiers at the military barracks following the drowning of a Nigerian Air Force cadet in the hotel’s swimming pool. However, this incident involving the alleged killing of the section manager of Hotel Royal Damgrete, Umuahia, Abia State, by Nigerian Army personnel has sparked widespread concern and condemnation. The situation escalated when soldiers, including a cadet officer, were ordered to beat four hotel staff, resulting in the tragic death of Mr Etubi.

Response from the Nigerian Army On The Killing Mr Etubi

The Nigerian Army Headquarters has condemned the alleged conduct of its personnel involved in the killing. Yet, they have assured the public of a comprehensive investigation to ascertain the facts and bring anyone found culpable to book. Additionally, the Chief of Army Staff, Lt.-Gen. Taoreed Lagbaja has ordered an investigation into the matter. And also, extend his condolences to the families of the deceased manager and the Nigerian Air Force Officer Cadet.

Arrests and Ongoing Investigation

The Nigerian military has announced the arrest of personnel involved in the interrogation process that led to Mr Etubi’s death. A preliminary investigation is ongoing to determine the actual cause of his death. Although, the military has expressed its commitment to ensuring that justice is served.

Call for Justice

The family, wife, and kids of the deceased are calling on Nigerians. And also, relevant agencies to join voices and forces for justice. Especially in the inhuman treatment that led to the loss of Mr James Etubi’s life. The hotel owner, Mr. Steve Ihendigbo, has decried the killing of his staff and reported continued threats from soldiers.

However, the situation is indeed distressing. The assurance of a thorough investigation by the Nigerian Army is a positive step towards addressing this tragic incident.

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