Governor Umo Eno Brings Abigail Edith Frederick Home

Abigail Edith Frederick

Abigail Edith Frederick was involved in the recent tragic boat mishap on the River Niger has brought sorrow and mourning to Akwa Ibom state. She was a Nollywood makeup artist before her death. Governor Umo Eno’s compassionate and hands-on approach has been evident in his response to this devastating event. This reflects his commitment to honouring the arts and caring for the community during times of grief.

Honouring Abigail Edith Frederick’s Memory

Miss Abigail Edith Frederick, a 24-year-old graduate of Theatre Arts of the University of Uyo was a passionate makeup artist. She was a shining example of the state’s talented youth. Moreover, the government and the people of Akwa Ibom state express their deep sadness and extend their sympathies. Especially to her family, the Nollywood community, and all those affected by this tragic loss.

Bringing Abigail Home

Governor Umo Eno, upon learning that the government was not informed of the circumstances that led to Abigail’s burial, has directed that her body be brought back to her family for a proper and dignified burial. This decision underscores the respect the government has for the deceased and her family, ensuring that she is honoured fittingly.

Candlelight Procession and Support

In remembrance of Abigail’s life and contributions to the arts. A candlelight procession is scheduled to take place on Tuesday, April 16th, 2024, at Discovery Park Udo Umana by Uyo Township Stadium. This event will provide an opportunity for the community to pay their respect. And also, celebrate the impact Abigail had on those around her.

Governor’s Visit and Support

Additionally, Governor Umo Eno exhibited profound compassion by personally visiting Abigail’s family upon his return from an official engagement. His genuine expression of empathy and support for the family during their time of grief demonstrates his dedication to being there for his people. Most especially in moments of loss and sorrow. The governor has extended a job offer in the State Civil Service to the elder sister who survived the deceased. However, he has also directed the renovation of the family house and promised assistance to the undergraduate sisters. This exemplifies the government’s commitment to providing tangible support to the bereaved family.

Furthermore, the loss of Abigail Edith Frederick has left a void in the Nollywood community. And also, the hearts of the people of Akwa Ibom state. Governor Umo Eno’s swift and comprehensive response to the situation serves as a testament to his dedication to uplifting the arts and supporting the families affected by such tragedies. The memory of Abigail’s talent and passion will be cherished, and the support provided by the government will serve as a beacon of hope for her family during this challenging time.

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