Abigail Frederick, Akwa-Ibom Make-Up Artist, has been laid to Rest

Abigail Frederick

Abigail Frederick, a talented graduate of Theatre Art at the University of Uyo, left an indelible mark on those who knew her. Despite being a senior figure to me, she was known for her down-to-earth nature and remarkable skill as a makeup artist. However, this included a film production, where her artistry breathed life into characters on screen.

The Tragic Loss of Abigail Frederick

The sudden and tragic passing of Abigail Frederick, alongside fellow actors and crew members, has left a profound impact on those who knew her and the wider community. The circumstances surrounding her burial at the river bank due to financial constraints have added a layer of disheartening. Additionally, especially to the department and I who knows her, even though, we were not close. This is big a devastating loss to us. The disbelief that initially shrouded the news of her death has given way to a sombre reality, as the industry mourns the untimely loss of a promising talent.

Questioning the Inexplicable

The inexplicable nature of death and the profound sense of mourning that follows have left many grappling with the unfairness of it all. The body of Abigail being laid to rest under such circumstances is a haunting reminder of life’s fragility. The overwhelming sense of helplessness in the face of such loss is a sentiment shared by many who knew and admired her.

Seeking Accountability

Amidst the grief and disbelief. The refusal of the Director of the Film, “Another Side of Life,” to address the tragic events that unfolded during the production has sparked an outrage. Nonetheless, this calls for accountability. The failure to heed safety measures has raised serious concerns. This is about the safety and well-being of those involved in film production. The demand for transparency and accountability has placed a spotlight on the responsibilities of those in charge. Most importantly, Adamma Luke, whose decisions are perceived to have put lives at risk.

A Community in Mourning

The tragic loss of Abigail Frederick, Junior Pope, and others has reverberated through the community. This prompted reflection on the risks and sacrifices that accompany the pursuit of artistic expression. The anger and frustration stemming from preventable tragedies have evoked a call for change. However, greater protection for those working in the film and entertainment industry. The solemn reminder that the young are dying while the old live to bury them. This has underscored the urgent need for reform and oversight.

Remembering the Departed

However, as the community comes to terms with the loss of Abigail Frederick and others. The need for change and greater safeguards in film production has taken on renewed urgency. The memory of those who have been lost demands a safer and more accountable industry. This ensures that their legacy is one of positive change and protection for future generations of talent.

Additionally, the tragic story of Abigail Frederick and the preventable loss of life during the production of “Another Side of Life” has ignited a fervent call for accountability. And also, reform in the film industry. As the community mourns the loss of a remarkable talent, the demand for change grows louder. This ensures that the memory of Abigail Frederick and all those who have been lost will fuel a movement for greater safety and protection in the pursuit of artistic expression.

Rest in peace, Abigail Frederick. May your soul and all the faithful depart, through the mercy of God. Rest in perfect peace.

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