Pastor Sues Member for N500 Million After Failed Prophecy and Lexus SUV Spat


A Nigerian pastor, Dr. David Emmanuel Ovie, head honcho of God in Action Liberation Mission, is embroiled in a messy legal battle with a former member, Temitope Monday Diamond, over a Lexus SUV and a failed prophecy.

Pastor coerced Temitope to Donate his Lexus RX330 for Financial Breakthrough

Temitope alleges the pastor coerced him into donating his most prized possession, a Lexus RX330. However, this was in exchange for financial prosperity. The prophecy didn’t pan out, leaving Temitope fuming. After four months of waiting, his financial situation remained unchanged.

Temitope’s wife, ever the pragmatist, contacted the pastor to inquire about the promised financial windfall. The conversation turned sour, with the pastor accusing her of rudeness. Nevertheless, offering to return the measly sum of N4 million he received after selling the Lexus.

From Church Pew to Police Station

Months of waiting for the promised refund turned into a game of cat and mouse. Temitope, fed up with the pastor’s stalling tactics, decided to take matters into his own hands. Moreover, he, along with some friends and a security detail (reportedly two unarmed soldiers), marched to the church to demand the N4 million.

The situation escalated quickly. The pastor, feeling threatened, rallied the church youths to attack Temitope and his companions. Not stopping there, the pastor had them arrested on trumped-up kidnapping charges. The police, upon hearing both sides of the story, detained Temitope and his friends but released them after a hefty N200,000 bail.

DPO Orders Repayment or Return of Lexus

Nonetheless, the local Divisional Police Officer (DPO) saw through the pastor’s charade and ruled in Temitope’s favour. The DPO ordered the pastor to either return the Lexus or cough up the N4 million he pocketed from the sale. The pastor surprisingly agreed to a repayment plan of N1 million every week. However, promising to clear the debt by February’s end.

February came and went, but the N1 million weekly instalments remained a pipe dream. By March, with not a penny paid, Temitope reached his breaking point. He demanded the return of his Lexus, considering the broken repayment agreement at the DPO’s office.

Pastor Sues for N500 Million

Instead of facing the music, the pastor went on the offensive. He slapped Temitope with an N500 million lawsuit. However, accusing him of storming the church with an “army” (likely referring to the security detail) and threatening him and his members. The lawsuit also claims the car cannot be returned as it was already sold.

When contacted by SaharaReporters, the pastor deflected, portraying himself as the victim. He claimed Temitope and his friends barged into the church wielding weapons and disrupting a wedding ceremony. Nevertheless, he conveniently left out the part about the failed prophecy, the car donation, and the broken repayment agreement.

Legal Battle Heats Up

The plot thickens as both parties lock horns in court. Temitope maintains his stance. Nevertheless, demanding the return of his Lexus or the promised N4 million. The pastor, on the other hand, is sticking to his guns, suing for a staggering N500 million.

Furthermore, this bizarre story highlights the potential pitfalls of blind faith and the importance of holding religious leaders accountable. It remains to be seen how the court will rule in this case, but one thing is certain: this is a cautionary tale for anyone considering donating a Lexus SUV to their pastor based on a prophecy.

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