Prophet Metu discloses Why the Rapture Didn’t Occur Despite His Prophecy

Prophet Metu

Prophet Metu a leader of the “No Gree for Satan Ministry,” backtracked on his prediction of the world ending on April 25th, 2024. Did divine intervention alter the course of history, or is this another case of prophetic overreach? Social media is buzzing after him.

Vision of Doom of Prophet Metu Goes Viral

Metu’s initial prophecy, claiming he received a clear vision of the apocalypse twice, sent shockwaves through the online community. However, the prospect of imminent doom understandably caused anxiety and confusion for many social media users.

As April 25th arrived without incident, Metu faced a barrage of criticism for his failed prediction. Moreover, rather than shying away, Metu took to his platform to offer a surprising explanation. He credits his unwavering faith and a dedicated 21-day fast with convincing God to grant humanity a reprieve. Metu proclaims, “The Lord Showed Us Mercy. After our 21 days of fasting and prayer, he heard us and gave us more time to live. Prayer works.”

Fasting for the Future?

Furthermore, Metu’s story has raised intriguing questions about the role of prophecy. And also, the influence of social media in today’s world. His claims, despite lacking fruition, highlight the power that prophetic pronouncements can hold over believers. The episode also underscores the importance of critical thinking, especially when encountering online pronouncements of impending doom.

Yesterday was an Abia-based Pastor trying to raise a dead woman from the mortuary, and today is a failed prediction from another Pastor. So, was it divine intervention or deja vu? Many have asked. Whether Metu’s prophecy was a genuine glimpse into the future or a case of mistaken interpretation remains a matter of debate. One thing is certain: the story has sparked lively conversation and serves as a reminder of the enduring human fascination with the apocalypse.

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