What the Priest Did to My Sister?


A priest is an individual who is authorized to perform sacred rites and rituals of a religion, acting as a mediator and intercessor between humans and the divine. The role of a priest varies across different religions, but their primary function is to offer prayers and sacrifices on behalf of believers to secure forgiveness and favour from the deity.

Greetings, dear readers! Apologies for the delay in updating you on my short stories, but fear not, for I bring you an intriguing tale today. As we step into this new year, guided by Sister Agatha Moses’ empowering slogan, “No free for anybody,” I invite you to join me in exploring the truth behind an unforgettable encounter between my sister and a priest. But before we explore the story, in case you missed it. Here is the link to my previous piece, “The Story of My Secret Lover.”

A Small Girl with a Big God

In this modern era, you may have heard of the term “small girls with a big God.” Well, my younger sister falls into this intriguing category. I can already sense the curiosity building up within you. So, let’s embark on this captivating journey together.

Recently, I travelled back home to visit my parents, which is why I have not been providing my usual content. Although I am not always there. I enjoy venturing out to spend time with friends. However, during my visit to the church last Sunday, I stumbled upon a delightful surprise, one of my favourite priests.

The Priest and My Sister

This particular priest, Father Peter, had promised to visit me the week. As we exchanged pleasantries, I informed him that I would be home by 5:10 pm. Little did I know that this encounter would take an unexpected turn.

Upon arriving at my parent’s house, Father Peter knocked on the parlour door, only to hear some peculiar noises coming from inside. With curiosity getting the better of him, he knocked again, and a voice invited him in.

A Life-Altering Conversation

To Father Peter’s astonishment, he discovered my sister, Princess, enjoying the company of her boyfriend. His authoritative voice swiftly brought the situation under control, prompting the boyfriend to excuse himself. Father Peter then sat Princess down and offered her valuable advice that would leave a lasting impact.

Upon hearing about Father Peter’s intervention, I couldn’t help but smile. However, I also noticed a remarkable transformation in my sister’s demeanour. Whether this change was genuine or merely a facade for my benefit remains to be seen. Time, as always, will reveal the truth.

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