Finish them.
He said, finish them.

A thousand salutations to you.
Oh..! Great Iroko tree.
On you, who the eagle dwells.
So great an honour, that he lives.

A Giant that knows no other.
More fierce in her race.
A weakling among other races.
A Lord and Ant, all together.

The waters from our veins.
Was nothing in her sight.
The heart, we share in common.
Lost in the cause of the nation’s driving.

Our legend, the great Oracle dots.
A victim under victimisation.
Warnings, we listen not.
Our flesh, now meals to Mother Earth.
For our black tears have gotten to her ears.
The same Leaders keep cycling.
And yet, our lips have refused to speak.
Just for the sake of living.

In die want, I hang here crying.
Crying for the people in me.
Because I am with them.
These Hawks who willing to devour us.
Still, rule us with smiling faces.
And yet, we praise them for killing us.

We did it without knowing.
who knows.
Or maybe, we might have eaten sour grapes.
I can’t tell.
Breakfast and dinner that was served at once.
My knowledge, know no cause.
My bread and tea no longer satisfy me.

My people, I bring.
But, they know me not.
Servant of Mother Earth.
For this, I came.
I am unknown.
Because I am indivisible.
But, my Writers, you know them.
Because I use them to tell my messages to the World.

I have lived for so many years.
And yet, in pains and sorrows.
Never forget that day in 2020.
A memorial to live for.
Indeed, it was a painful pleasure.
A black man, come I.

Finish them.
He said, finish them.
This same voice is still breathing within us.
It was a death in the living.

Photo Credit- http://Freepik.com

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  • I love your poems.

    • Thanks, bro.

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